Cupsmith Glorious Espresso – Whole Bean Coffee Made from Speciality Arabica Beans


Cupsmith Glorious Espresso is a rich and smooth whole bean coffee made from speciality Arabica beans. Perfect for espresso lovers, each bag contains 1kg of coffee.


Enjoy a full-bodied, rich and smooth cup of coffee with Cupsmith Glorious Espresso. Made from speciality Arabica coffee beans, this whole bean coffee is perfect for espresso lovers. Each bag contains 1kg of coffee, giving you enough for multiple cups. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a delicious cup of coffee, Cupsmith Glorious Espresso is sure to impress.

Pros of Cupsmith Glorious Espresso

  • Made from speciality Arabica beans
  • Full-bodied, rich and smooth cup of coffee
  • 1kg of coffee per bag, perfect for multiple cups
  • Great for coffee connoisseurs and regular coffee drinkers

Cons of Cupsmith Glorious Espresso

  • Not suitable for those looking for decaffeinated coffee
  • Can be expensive compared to regular coffee
Technical Details
Type Whole Bean Coffee
Flavor Full-Bodied, Rich and Smooth
Beans Specialty Arabica
Weight 1kg
Brew Method Espresso

Buying Guide

  • Consider how often you plan to use the Coffee - If you drink coffee regularly, it may be more cost effective to buy in bulk.
  • Check the type of beans used - To get the best flavor, look for specialty Arabica beans.
  • Consider the weight – Many coffee beans come in different weights depending on how much you need for your recipes.
  • Think about the flavor – Cupsmith Glorious Espresso is full-bodied, rich and smooth, making it the perfect choice for espresso lovers.
  • Consider the brew method – Coffee beans can be used with a variety of brew methods. Make sure the beans you purchase are suitable for the method you plan to use.


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